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Flutter And Clutter is an endless runner where the player takes the role of a bird composed of junk that's flying up a mass of buildings avoiding the falling garbage. The player's health and currency is composed of the junk, and they can hold their wings forward to break obstacles to gain junk. Junk can be spent at The Roost checkpoints on upgrades.

This game was created for and the winner of the Champlain College Montreal Street Art Game Jam.


  • Zach Phillips (Design, Art)
  • Tim Carbone (Design, Production)
  • Aiden O'Connor (Sound , Art)
  • Karim Elzanaty (Programming)
  • Michael Zheng (Programming

Install instructions

Download the zip and unpack it into its own folder. Run the "CelerySquadGamers" executable.


Flutter&Clutter.zip 26 MB

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